“A customer’s been hurt.”
The words rang in the ears of an area businessman earlier this fall as his employee called to tell him a customer had been injured by company equipment on company property.

The night started like most others for the business. A variety of customers in and out, making purchases and shopping with family and friends. That’s when the customer limped to the checkout and told the employee he’d been injured.

Following his complaint, the customer rejoined his friends and continued his business for some time. As the group left, the employee who took his statement watched the CCTV monitors, positioned at various angles throughout the business, as the customer walked briskly into the night with no limp or apparent injury.

The business owner, one of our customers, called us the next day and requested help backing up the video to another source should they ever need the video to prove what may--or may not--have actually happened.

North Mississippi businesses aren’t immune to injury claims by customers, vendors or even employees. As this business owner learned, a camera system with appropriately placed cameras, clear videos and a time stamp can offer your business some backup in case of litigation. In some cases, cameras throughout your property may actually affect your commercial insurance (that’s definitely something to discuss with your insurance agent).

While cameras are an important part of protecting your company from theft, fraud, or other incidents, you and your staff should have written guidelines for how to handle injuries on your property whether they involve a customer or one of your employees. Check with industry associations or your insurance for the proper way to handle document any incidents that may be captured on your video surveillance system.